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Friday, December 9, 2011

"On Jan 16, MLK's Birthday Holiday, Occupy 4 Jobs"

The Occupy for Jobs Facebook page is promoting:

"On Jan 16, MLK's Birthday Holiday, Occupy 4 Jobs"

Union Square, NYC

30 million people in this country are either unemployed or underemployed and they need jobs.

Martin Luther King was assassinated in the middle of a campaign demanding jobs or income for all. If there was ever a time to fulfill the promise of his legacy, it's now.

This means a massive, WPA-style jobs program with union wages -- as opposed to a series of tax breaks. Occupy 4 Jobs, which held a series of mini-bank invasions on Nov 23, has chosen the 2012 observance of MLK's birthday to say: JOBS OR INCOME NOW! OCCUPY 4 JOBS!

Is this occupying for jobs? At Union Square? On 1 day, to commemorate a birthday? Sounds more like the same old leftist moral witnessing to me. I thought O4J was inspired by the OWS actions, which made no obeisance to old routinism and shibboleths. What a rut we are in. What pandering, to think we have to witness every MLK Day instead of thinking creatively about how and what to occupy to get the government to provide people with decent jobs. Very frustrating.

Putting MLK on all our banners: cynical, tailing, or just another symptom of a complete collapse of perspectives and imagination?  OWS itself, for all its shortcomings, at least did not repeat the same yearly nonsense under new letterhead.

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