Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DPRK: U.S. war of aggression continues

Leslie Feinberg, groundbreaking transgender author, historian and revolutionary, is seriously ill and nearly unable to write at this time. But ze felt it necessary to share these words:

 I recall the racist and demonizing propaganda campaign against the Korean people from my childhood. The mighty Pentagon was fought to a standstill militarily—for the first time in a U.S. war—by the Korean resistance. That U.S. war of aggression killed at least 3 million Koreans had been killed, 1 million of them non-combatants.

Today, the Pentagon still divides the Korea Peninsula, while U.S. troops are being re-positioned against Asia—particularly China. Iran faces covert and overt warfare from the imperialist powers, which are at the same time trying to recolonize the countries on the continent of Africa.

Since the earliest days of colonialism, these capitalist powers have used flowery phrases to cloak "regime change" and lynching of its leaders and "shock-and-awe" against its populations as a humanitarian effort. 

As we are being bombarded with racist attempts to dehumanize Korea, its workers' state, and its people's leadership, I offer a little information in this article by the late Jamaican-born lesbian communist Pat Chin. The title of her January 2003 article could be lifted from headlines today. 

I send my heartfelt condolences to the people of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea—north Korea—at this time of loss of Kim Jong Il. In north Korea, education and health care are free, and a job is a right. And resistance to imperialist war threats is an urgent daily task.

I send revolutionary solidarity to south Korean activists who courageously demand "U.S. out of the peninsula" and "Korea is one!"

Stop all the wars for profit!
Bring all U.S. troops home—right now!

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