Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011: Letter from a reader

Alphonse has been a long-time Marxist Update reader and correspondent.  In a letter to me, he offered his views on 2011 and some prospects for the coming period.  I can't say I agree with his conclusions, but I have asked Marxist Update readers to send in their thoughts on 2011.
It is more evident Barack Obama will capture the 2012 presidency. My concern is continued war for capital gains and promotion and the sacrifices of the win society and the sacrifices of the ' lost ' society. Libya and Egypt will never attain 'their' freedom. American conquered nations will attain an American colonized government territory.
The present American concentration is abolishment of all governments not aligned with American and European capitalist policies, an abolishment of China's growth program, the capture of territories for military and capital achievements and the present U.S. military strategy and political necessity to eliminate the Qur'an which addresses the value of Allah to the Arab Islamic Muslim society. America's war for world control will end upon completion of its conquest which we may not witness.
The programs to expand capital gains we, the civil society, know are are money waste gambles. Solyndra is one capitalgain failure. Our present failures of mining and drilling exploits have killed societies of people and caused our oceans to be garbage beds of pollution. Was this purposely programmed to help insurance and bank conglomerates to finance funds for their growth management? Our present cost of living has not been altered with a vote by our presently elected government to stop the present cost of living from escalating. What will be the cost to the civil societies in the next four year war program? I do not know what shale gas exploration will accomplish regarding time, cost, profit and profit lost incidences in time of failure. The governmentagents involved in capital gain aspects will promote exploration for the promotion of employment, insurance, land rights, and extensions of many provisions that the American civil society will be kept ignorant of. The election of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney to the presidency will retain the present militant aggressive strategy.
I emphasize the difference in the changed national and international policies and doctrines will accomplish in regard to present failures in Israel, Palestine, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other Arab Islamic Muslim Nations with the elimination of war. The one candidate to ensure any change is Ron Paul. 
The present American capitalist policies and doctrine are a failure. Elected government representatives with the present mental indoctrination will pursue the result of militant indoctrination imposed to eliminate capital growth policies of foreign nations. Our C.I.A. operatives are internationally stable in foreign societies to obtain confidence in foreign societies for government recognition for government change. 
If this is not helpful trash it.
Alphonse Ponzillo

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