The Third International after Lenin

Thursday, December 29, 2011

On Socialist Organization and Parties

My fellow comrade from SWP days, "DR", has just completed his inaugural programmatic composition, which can be found here:
I do not think it likely that the future revolutionary party we all hope to see materialize
(sooner as opposed to later) will come as a result of a re-groupment of
the eclectic forces in the United States commonly referred to as the
left, but rather as a result of gigantic explosions in the
working-class, along the lines of the movement to bring into being the
CIO but qualitatively larger and deeper, that will result in an epic
mass movement to defend the poor and those slipping into poverty, to
organize the organized so we can organize the unorganized, and to launch
the most likely political variant arising out of these explosions - a
labor party. We can see the logic of the current situation, both
economic and political, made manifest in the past two to three years,
that points to this coming explosion. The value of the socialist
organizations is their ability to bring into the class the ideas of
scientific socialism. For that reason, I believe two of our most
valuable assets are Haymarket Books and Pathfinder Press.
DR has a wealth of revolutionary party experience, and I hope he will not be shy about sharing his experiences.  We need to preserve some of the nuts-and-bolts skills as much as the bigger insights if we are not to keep lagging behind and reinventing wheels already available.

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