Saturday, April 12, 2014

My letter to the Militant

6 March 2014

Thank you for your excellent months'-long coverage of events in Ukraine.

The Militant has been alone in offering historical
context to explain the scope and militancy of mass mobilizations in Kiev.

Both bourgeois and "left" news sources have used a
series of obscurantist rationales to mislead readers
and viewers.

Some claim events in Ukraine have been orchestrated
behind the scenes by Senator John McCain and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

Others rely on conspiracy theories about "neocons" who supposedly determine US foreign policy. ["Neocon" is invariably a shorthand for "Jew," as The Militant
explained in an excellent series of articles several
years ago.]

Incredibly, some on the "left" claim Moscow is playing a progressive role in this crisis.  They portray Putin as unconditionally opposing a US-imposed "fascist" regime in Kiev.

All such explanations ignore the most important
question in the region, one that The Militant has been explaining every week:  Ukraine is a nation that has
been oppressed by Russia for 300 years [save a brief period in 1917-1924, when the Russian Soviet republic had the leadership of Lenin's team.]

Using The Militant's online archives, I have also been able to study nearly 20 years of analysis of Ukraine,
Putin, the struggle of oppressed nations, and Lenin's approach to these critical issues.  I know many other readers are doing the same.

Thank you.