Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The Leading Light Communist Organization has just posted its most ambitious historico-theoretical article to date. Just a sample here:

....Leading Light Communist Organization (LLCO) has elevated revolutionary science to a whole new level. The Leading Light has advanced new theories of global class analysis, new theories of exploitation, the proletariat, New Power and global people’s war. Leading Light has expanded the understanding of the transitional period to communism, of New Democracy, socialism and New Socialism. The Leading Light has studied the past and summed up that history. As science, Leading Light Communism embraces what what works and tosses what does not work. We must study the past so that we can go further toward communism next time. The Leading Light has expanded our understandings of epistemology and revolution as science. The Leading Light is re-organizing the international communist movement along true, elevated scientific lines to initiate the next great wave of communist revolution. Leading Light has created a global organization, a global New Power, and a global people’s war to go all the way to true communism, Leading Light Communism. All true communists today are Leading Light Communists. Leading Light Communism is the future.

Henry Park
, what hath thou wrought?

The quality of their analysis, and their understanding of the history they labor to sum up, can be judged from this excerpt:

....Trotsky sought to lead the Soviet Union after the death of Lenin. He challenged Stalin’s leadership after Lenin’s death. He went into exile after he was defeated politically. He was later assassinated, probably by those loyal to Stalin. He came to be seen as a traitor because, as World War 2 approached, he saw Stalin as the main danger in the world, not fascism.

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