Thursday, December 15, 2011

Catering to the Ruling Class

from Товарищ Х

Catering to the Ruling Class
by The Red Chef

As the current crisis deepens, those few workers who still have a job are increasing likely to find themselves in the peonage of what is euphemistically called a "service occupation" catering to the appetites of the ruling class.  How to satisfy such tastes in food service is bound to be a particular  mystery for a poor worker that can't afford to make even one end meat, never mind both, at home.  Relax, comrade. The Red Chef has got your back.

For your first catered soiree we suggest a light repast:

  appetizer: Cold Chitterlings on Toast Points
main event: Turkey Tartar

Preparation here is fairly obvious but for one small bit of arcana-- trim the crust off that toast then slash each slice along both diagonals. This is an effective procedure for turning toast into "toast points".  Also remember to use ground turkey purchased from a store in your own neighborhood, and serve it warm. Need we remind you that, for this use, chitterlings should not be rinsed.

Well there you have it, comrade. And to your employers we say, "Bon appétit!"

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