Friday, August 31, 2012

U.S. pseudo-left group endorses Green Party capitalism and social democracy

....At present we do not have in America either the mass movement that we need, or a political party which has arisen as an expression of that movement, to put forward an alternative political and economic program representing the needs of working people and of the society at large, that would take up the issues of all of the oppressed, from people of color and women to the LGBT community, advocating the need to replace capitalism with a truly democratic and environmentally sound society. What we have are small parties to the left of the Democrats which have come out of social movements such as the civil rights movement, the anti-war movements, and the environmental movement, or which represent democratic socialist ideals and programs. We believe that while building the movements it is also important to support these independent, left political parties which express our aspirations for a just and democratic society. We vote for them not as a protest vote, but as part of the process of creating a political alternative. Solidarity therefore urges it members, supporters, and the activists with whom we work, as well as the public at large, to vote for the Green Party, the Socialist Party USA, or the Peace & Freedom Party.

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