Saturday, August 18, 2012

Parenting under capitalism

Joti Brar of the COGB[ML] had this to say recently on Facebook regarding the Jubilee and Olympic propaganda pumped into UK kids at school:

As if the jubilee shit at her school wasn't bad enough, now all this Olympic jingoism is further brainwashing my five-year-old daughter.

First was the introduction to Coca-Cola via the 'special Olympic bottle'. "It's really yummy, mummy."

"It's bloody sugary chemical crap, my darling."

Then today she came home from a playscheme trip to Victoria Park in Hackney with a union jack (aka the butcher's apron) painted on her arm, and desperate for it not to get washed off any time soon. ("Can I keep my union and jack till we go back to school?" "Mmmm, let's hope so.")

And then what should we find in her packed-lunch bag when we emptied it out tonight? A pack of 'Top Dogs' cards - Met Police top trumps featuring police dogs of all bloody things (with bonus points for 'criminals caught'). So many levels of wrongness.

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