Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Office Space"

Let me just weigh-in here on "Office Space" before you click the link below to read the review.

There is nothing radical about "Office Space."   It is an enjoyable comedy about the sorrows and miseries of working with other people, and how some people are driven crazy by it, while others cope with ultimately random and pointless acts of rebellion.  A MASH for the cubicle demographic. Said acts of rebellion are no more than individual and individualist, trying to game or hide from the destructive weight of the system.

When the US working class gets going, real rebellions will begin, and despite what the truthout reviewer may say, Marxism will be the authentic guide to pushing disparate rebellions into a generalized revolutionary movement.  Every other alternative has been given its best shot: anarchism and from-below organizing; lesser-evil bourgeois politics; boutique protest featuring the unity of libertarian proto-fascism and World Can't Wait contrarianism; the Gar Alperovitz build-it-now community-based economies, ad nauseum.  It has all flopped.

We still have our chains to lose.


Work Sucks: How the Movie "Office Space" Proves Radicalism Lives in the Mainstream

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