Monday, April 2, 2012

What is the People's Power Tour?

The Larry Hales talk on "People's Power" can be found here:

A few notes 'on the hoof' as it were, after an initial viewing.

WWP and some of its allies will be conducting a spring 2012 People's Power Tour of the US. This will be to assess, study, and learn about conditions workers and oppressed peoples face today.

Given the fact the WWP at this time is unable to mount a presidential ticket, this seems like a sound and sustainable approach to me.

A few of Hales' formulations, however, point away from a Marxist-Leninst approach, and toward something else.

"We have to seize power at every level of governement."

"The banks have seized the public treasuries."

"Which way forward under thw banner of People's Power?"

"Take power over the things that effect us in our life."

I wish the People's Power Tour were coming to Cleveland, Ohio.

Marxist Update will be following this spring 2012 tour, as I do the SWP, SEP and PSL presidential tickets.

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