Friday, February 4, 2011

Egypt on all our minds

By Alan Woods

Image BlockedThe masses have once again taken to the streets in the biggest demonstrations yet seen in Egypt. They call it the "Day of Departure". Already this morning Al Jazeera showed an immense crowd of people thronging Tahriri Square. The mood was neither tense nor fearful, but jubilant. The very instant Friday prayers finished the masses erupted in a deafening roar of “Mubarak out!” The few Mubarak supporters who were slinking on the streets outside the Square like impotent jackals could do nothing.

By The Youth of the Tahrir Square Sit-in

We have just received a statement by the revolutionary youth on Tahrir Square in Cairo. The marvellous movement of the workers and youth of Egypt is an inspiration to the whole world. It gives new hope to the exploited and oppressed, not only in the Middle East but everywhere.

By In Defence of Marxism

While the flames of revolution engulf the whole of the Middle East in Syria left activists face severe punishment merely for expressing their views. We call on our readers and supporters to send protest letters/emails to the Syrian authorities demanding the release of four activists sentenced to several years in prison on January 23.

By In Defence of Marxism

We received these solidarity statements with the Egyptian revolution from Iraqi trade unionists and women's organisations, via Akram Nadir (Union Organizer in Iraq and Kurdistan).

By Falcemartello

On Monday, January 31st, a sit-in in support of the struggle of the Egyptian people was held in Rome. An impressive crowd of about a thousand people gathered to protest.

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