Saturday, January 7, 2017

Israel and Jew-hatred today: a personal selection of articles from The Militant 2000-2017

List of 34 articles on Jew-hatred and Israel published in The Militant 2000-2017.

(An evolution within a continuity.)

Full list here in pdf:

The list:

The Militant - November 13, 2000 -- Israel is enemy of Palestinian, Jewish toilers

The Militant - January 29, 2001 -- Workers study Marxism at Atlanta socialist school

The Militant - February 18, 2002 -- Israel out of occupied territories!

The Militant - June 28, 2004 -- Jew-hatred, red-baiting: heart of claims of 'neocon' conspiracy

The Militant - July 6, 2004 -- On Jew-hatred

The Militant - December 12, 2005 -- As Zionist dream of 'Greater Israel' fails, ruling Likud party breaks up

The Militant - May 15, 2006 -- More middle-class radicals promote Jew-hatred

The Militant - July 3, 2006 -- On 'Israel lobby,' Jew-hatred

The Militant - January 29, 2007 -- Conference in Iran questioning Holocaust promotes Jew-hatred

The Militant - April 6, 2009 -- Israel boycotts and divestment serve as cover for anti-Semitism

The Militant - April 13, 2009 -- 'Zionism,' its use today, not in 1948

The Militant - July 26, 2010 -- Israel boycott provides cover for anti-Semitism

The Militant - September 19, 2011 -- Demonstrations in Israel spur discussion on road forward

The Militant - June 25, 2012 -- Changes in Israel, world pose challenges for Israeli rulers

The Militant - August 13, 2012 -- Preparing politically to join workers struggles in US and abroad focus of Socialist Workers conference

The Militant - February 11, 2013 -- Israel vote reflects growing class tension, 'Arab Spring'

The Militant - December 8, 2014 -- Brutal murder of Jews in Israel blow to working class

The Militant - January 27, 2014 -- Israel boycott weakens fights of Palestinians, workers

The Militant - August 25, 2014 -- Chart road forward for toilers of Palestine and Israel

The Militant - November 2, 2015 -- End attacks on Jews, brutal Israeli response

The Militant - December 7, 2015 -- Jew-hatred, attacks on free speech threat to working class

The Militant - December 28, 2015 -- London meeting debates Jew-hatred, Israel boycott

The Militant - January 26, 2015 -- Debate flares in Israel over bill to set exclusive national rights for Jews

The Militant - February 9, 2015 -- DC socialist: 'Workers need to fight Jew-hatred!'

The Militant - February 9, 2015 -- Anti-Semitism spawns attacks in Argentina, Israel, France

The Militant - November 2, 2015 -- Attacks on Jews, Israeli gov't brutal response deal blow to working class

The Militant - March 2, 2015 -- Islamist attack in Denmark targets Jews, political rights

The Militant - March 30, 2015 -- Anti-Semitic attack at UCLA sparks debate on Jew-hatred

The Militant - January 26, 2015 -- Defend free speech, fight Jew-hatred!

The Militant - March 16, 2015 --Muslim youth in Oslo lead protest against Jew-hatred

The Militant - March 16, 2015 -- Road forward for toilers in Middle East

The Militant - April 6, 2015 --Israel vote marks political openings for workers, Arabs

The Militant - May 23, 2016 -- The stakes in UK debate on Jew-hatred in Labour Party

The Militant - January 9, 2017 -- UN Israel vote registers blow to Palestinian national fight

The Militant - January 16, 2017 -- Fidel Castro: Israel has the right to exist as Jewish state

The Militant - January 16, 2017 -- Obama's attacks on Israel boost Jew-hatred


  1. You have the wrong title for this useful compilation. It should be called "The Socialist Workers Party & the Palestinians: A Chronology of Betrayal."

    1. Email from Richard seems apposite:

      "Lots of people claim they don't take the SWP seriously, but they all seem to know the content of Militant articles an hour after they appear on-line. The demand to "halt new construction" is the same as the demand "prosecute the police". It's designed to serve as a point of unity and to mobilize ever larger numbers of people to take a stand. I've read lots of Militant articles over the years on Israel - or should I say the "Zionist Entity" - and Palestine, where various kinds of demands are raised depending on the political purpose of the piece. Everything from opposition to abuse at the checkpoints to the need to form communist parties that can lead to the establishment of workers and farmers governments in the region."

  2. so standing up to holocaust denial is betraying the palestinian cause? or buchananite anti-semitism on the political right? or vicious attacks against jews in the US and europe?

    get your head examined. don't you realize that by conflating the israeli occupation, the israeli government, israeli jews, and jews worldwide; by denying one state's right to exist and one alone; by trying to deny jew-hatred on US campuses and even in the political left in this country, it is *you* and those like you who betray the palestinian cause. you empower the israeli far-right, you push jewish workers out of the global workers' movement, and you embrace a type of politics that we saw in the stalinist era. which means a free palestine gets pushed further and further away.

    the SWP has taken a morally courageous stand against the tidal wave of anti-semitism which is rearing its ugly head throughout the legitimate and petty bourgeois left. and i applaud them for it. it is the right stand to take against those who would demonize our fellow workers who are jewish; it is the right stand to take to enable jewish and palestinian workers to realize their common cause and to help fight for a free palestine; and it is the right stand to take solely on moral grounds.

  3. Email comment from reader Richard:

    "There are nearly 200 countries in the world today, and in all of them, or almost all of them, save revolutionary Cuba, the capitalist class carries out polices against minorities and oppressed nationalities. To claim that one country and one country alone - the one that just happens to have a majority Jewish population - has no right to exist - is Jew hatred."

  4. I wonder why The Militant no longer emphasizes the demand for Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories? If one supports the "Two-state solution," which The Militant claims to, it would seem to be a minimum prerequisite. It has nothing to do with "the destruction of the State of Israel." Nope, the SWP puts Israel's interests over the Palestinians pure and simple. Just be honest and come out and say it.

    1. Yup, nothing about withdrawal from the occupied territories there - just "Halt the construction of Israeli settlements in the West Bank!" But when the US abstains from a toothless resolution in the US advocating JUST THAT, thus enabling it to be passed, you accuse it of advancing the cause of "Jew-Hatred!" There's no logic or integrity to anything the SWP says anymore. That's why nobody, and especially "the toilers," takes them seriously any more.

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