Saturday, January 21, 2017

Black Bloc

The "Black Bloc" so-called anarchists broke windows in Wasington yesterday to express outrage at the Republican presidential inauguration.

There is no better way to keep workers away from marches than by creating this kind of intimidation. None of my coworkers would join me in 2010 at our local Occupy Wall Street for fear of being put in the line of fire by these infantile petty bourgeois liberals.

What a boon for cop budgets to not have to pay for provocateurs!

From 2010:


When the march was well underway, a small group of anarchists, calling themselves the “Black Bloc,” started smashing windows of stores and police vehicles. This gave the authorities the pretext for carrying out widespread physical attacks and arrests.

The Militant - July 12, 2010 -- Ottawa launches assaults on rights as G-20 event begins

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