Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Borotba: a force for Moscow aggression and Russian chauvinism in Ukraine

Pictures and reports of a Moscow rally held in mid-June, which demanded that Putin send Russian troops into Ukraine and which was given full and favourable coverage by "Zavtra", confirm Borotba's involvement in the event – along with Russian nationalists such as Limonov's "Another Russia".

"Zavtra" reported:

"All speakers at the rally were unanimous in their demands on the President of Russia, Vladmimir Putin, to immediately take the most decisive steps to defend the inhabitants of the Donbas from genocide by the Kiev junta.

One of the speakers informed the meeting about the broad anti-fascist underground activity which had unfolded on the entire territory of Ukraine and existed in all the major cities.

The underground activity was conducted under rally but at the very centre of the stage. Information about the activity of Borotba in Lviv and Kiev in particular was provided." (49)

Anyone relying on Borotba's output as a source of information about Ukrainian politics would certainly end up with a very skewered view of reality.

They would know nothing of Russia's annexation of the Crimea. They would know nothing of the weaponry, munitions and fighters shipped into Ukraine from Russia. And they would believe that the Ukrainian military shot down the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 and then drove the BUK missile launcher away to hide the evidence. (50)

In the same vein, Borotba's "Chronicle of the Junta's War Against Its Own People" consists in large part of uncritical reproductions of even the most bizarre of statements issued by separatist military figures such as Strelkov-Girkin, Fedor Berezin and 'Abver', and of clips taken from Russian news programmes.


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