Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Marxist view of ISIS


.... Islamic State is not at heart a religious movement, despite its call for an Islamist Caliphate. It is a sectarian political movement whose goal is to take advantage of capitalist disorder to seize territory and economic control.

Islamic State's brutality, oppression of women and contempt for human dignity close down political space for working people to organize and fight.

What is most important for working people is not who or what we are against; it's what we're for. In the fight against the Islamic State that means backing all efforts by the Kurdish fighters to defeat them and establish an independent nation in Iraqi Kurdistan. And supporting all struggles by workers and farmers, including against imperialist war.


  1. But Islamism peaked in 1979. I know it because Jack Barnes said so.

    1. How are current events NOT confirming this, John?

  2. Uh, the Islamists have won "fair" bourgeois democratic elections in Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt. As well, Islamist parties are quite influential in several other countries like Pakistan & Indonesia. Islamists are also sizable armed groups in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Libya. None of this was true in 1979.