Thursday, August 9, 2012

James Baldwin and Bayard Rustin: a Marxist view

This Marxist profile of James Baldwin and Bayard Rustin appeared in the 10/07/1963 issue of The Militant.  Halstead was a staff writer for the paper at that time.  As  World War Two ended, he was a rank-and-file participant in the "Bring Us Home" movement by GIs. He was a builder of the US SWP for the rest of his life.  His book Out Now! A Participant's Account of the Movement in the United States against the Vietnam War can be read here and purchased here.  An excerpt of the book can be found here.  As the SWP's 1968 presidential candidate, he traveled to US military bases in Southeast Asia to meet GIs and discuss ways they could oppose the war while protecting themselves from victimization by their government.