Sunday, April 15, 2012

What price protest politics?

Freedom Road Socialist Organization-Fight Back has in the last two years expended its organizational efforts to resist grand jury and other government harassment.  In the last nine months it has also put its focus on a Chicago protest against NATO and G20 conferences originally scheduled to occur in that city May 20, 2012.

FRSO-FB, to read its website and its email alerts, has completely submerged its Marxist-Leninist anti-revisionist politics in movementarianism.  To what end? 

The this type of political regression is typified in the story below, from which any hint of socialism has been drained.  The headline itself speaks volumes:

Jesse Jackson urges support for protest at NATO summit
April 13, 2012

Chicago, IL - On April 11, the Reverend Jesse Jackson announced his support for the May 20 protest march against the NATO summit in Chicago. Jackson made the announcement on the public radio station WBEZ.

Five days earlier, Occupy Chicago held its much awaited return to street protests. Jackson spoke, and it was at that a gathering of 1000 people that he first stated his plan to march.

Jackson said, "We have spent $3 trillion on war in the past decade. That's enough to pay off all state debts, to re-open schools, pay teachers, firefighters and transit workers. "

He added, "Today there's too much wealth in too few hands, too much poverty and too much war."

With that, he urged the Occupy Movement to march against the NATO summit on May 20 at noon. "We'll march for jobs, housing, healthcare, pensions, education, and against war," declared Jackson.


  1. Movementarianism? I thought Marxist-Leninists were supposed to support movements?

    1. Marxist-Leninists support movements that increase the self-confidence, class consciousness, and class independence of the working class. Also, Marxist-Leninists approach any movement from a party-building perspective.