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Friday, April 6, 2012

Sti down, eat something, relax: Revolutionary Communist International Tendency has been founded

I found the announcement here.
*Revolutionary Communist International Tendency has been founded*!
We have founded a new international organisation: the /Revolutionary Communist International Tendency/ (RCIT).
Its founding organisations are the /Revolutionary Communist Organisation for Liberation/ (Austria), the /Revolutionary Workers Organization/ (Pakistan), /United Lankan Workers Party/ (Sri Lanka) and the /Revolutionary Workers Collective/ (USA). They have already collaborated closely for some time.
The RCIT also has a new website:  Naturally the website is still under construction and we will put more articles online in the next days and weeks.
On this website you find the political fundament of the RCIT -- our new international program /The Revolutionary Communist Manifesto/.
It is in English-language. We will also put it online very soon in German language. We plan to translate it into other languages too.
Content of the RCIT Programme /The Revolutionary Communist Manifesto/*
*I. The world we live in*
*II. A new historical period of revolutionary character*
*III. The world we are fighting for*
*IV. The leadership we have and the leadership we need*
The struggle for the unions
Changes in the working class
Action Committee - factory committees -- Councils
The democratic protest movements
*V. The Program of the Revolution*
An action program to save the humanity from the misery of capitalism
Cancel the debts! Expropriate the banks and speculators!
Against wage cuts, job insecurity and unemployment!
Fight inflation! For the adjustment of wages to inflation! For price control committees!
Defence of public services! Fight the privatization!
An end to the "business secret"! For workers' control! For a public employment programme!
No division -- Joint fight, regardless of nation, and location!
No more tax breaks for the rich! Expropriate the super rich!
Against the attacks on education! Education for all under control of the working class and youth!
Revolutionary Struggle for Democracy
Free the oppressed peoples from the clutches of the banks and corporations!
Support the national liberation struggles of oppressed peoples!
Fight against the super-exploitation and national oppression of migrants!
Fighting fascism
Save our planet from the capitalist climate catastrophe!
Jobs and housing for the poor in urban slums!
The land to the peasants! Organise the agricultural workers!
Joint struggle for women's liberation!
Combat the sexual oppression of church and state!
An end to the oppression of young people!
Down with militarism and imperialist war!
The arming of the working class and the oppressed
For a workers' government, based on the poor peasants and the urban poor
From the armed insurrection to the dictatorship of the proletariat and towards socialism!
The Programme has 68 pages and is published in A5 format.
Price: 2,5 Euro / 3,5 US-Dollar / 2 UK Pound

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