Saturday, October 8, 2011

"US Empire is going to vanish...."

I think the hopes of Iranian leaders that OWS might paralyze bourgeois political culture in the US are wishful thinking, but at least they are thinking wishfully about OWS, not just dismissing it.

Tehran, Oct 8, IRNA -- The current popular protests in US are non-partisan and will destroy Washington's political system, the head of Iran's Basij (volunteer forces) Mohammad Reza Naghdi said on Saturday.
Non-partisan protests in US will paralyze US political structure
Commenting on the current “Occupy Wall Street Movement” in US, the Basij commander said that the ongoing protests in the United State of America are deep and will not decline soon.

“As the former Soviet Union Empire fell and destroyed, the US Empire is going to vanish like all other enemies of Islamic Republic of Iran including Iraq former dictator Saddam Hossein.”

The former Soviet Union and its Eastern European satellite states lost power in the face of economic troubles and both domestic and foreign political failure. In the late 1980s, the last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev tried to reform the state, but the Soviet Union collapsed and was formally dissolved in December 1991.

“Occupy Wall Street” is a series of demonstrations in New York City which has spread to entire United States. The protesters say that the American people have been deceived by the financial institutes and banks and that the US administration has wasted several thousand billion dollars in the form of bailouts to satisfy the financial institutes.

President Barack Obama said that the US administration will take legal action against the banks for deceiving the government with getting hefty bailouts.

Landmark protests were held in Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Miami, Salt Lake City, Portland, Maine, Jersey City, Trenton, Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Denver, Kansas City, MO, Austin, Ann Arbor, Cleveland, Dallas, Minneapolis, Sacramento and Tampa and Atlanta.

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