Saturday, October 8, 2011

Under the banner of “Occupy Wall Street.”

from The Militant:

Youth, workers protest
Wall Street, economic crisis
Militant/Ruth Robinett

As we go to press thousands of young people, workers, and unionists are marching through Lower Manhattan’s financial district targeting Wall Street and protesting against the impact of the capitalist economic crisis, government demands on public workers for contract concessions, anti-immigrant laws, and other social problems. Similar actions were called in a number of others cities across the country. This latest protest comes in the third week of ongoing actions under the banner of “Occupy Wall Street.” New York cops arrested more than 700 protesters who were attempting to cross the Brooklyn Bridge October 1. The police action failed to dampen spirits of demonstrators and attracted wider public support. So far four subscriptions and 93 copies of the Militant have been sold at the action.

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