Monday, October 10, 2011

BBC & BNP - Promotion Through "Expose"

Just got this note from a comrade.  It jibes with my own thoughts about the plethora of Third Reich and pseudo-science shows on TV, even in the "reality tv" categories:  spectatorship, they hope, might lead to emulation. 

Not just one, but SIX full length BBC documentaries have been made about the British National Party for BBC TV.
How many documentaries about Harpal Brar? How many even on the British SWP?
If Stalin allegedly killed more than Hitler, wouldn't Neo-Stalinists be more dangerous than Neo-Nazis?
Not according to BBC.
Despite the hostile tone of these documentaries, this clearly amounts to hours free advertising. It reminds me of how Michael Parenti noted that open Socialist Bernie Sanders run for Senate in the 80s received not anything near as much publicity as David Duke's run for Governor of Louisiana.
Both were state wide offices. (Vermont only has one house seat)
However, David Duke got hours and hours national interviews. Sanders was ignored.
Sanders actually won, and then went on to the Senate. Duke lost was a huge landslide.
The media seems to love right-wing extremists and while attempting to equate them with left-wing radicals, never gives them same amount if publicity.

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