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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Chuck Turner addresses hundreds of       supporters outside District 7 office on 10/30/10 Supporters rally outside District 7 Office 10/30/10

Sign the ONLINE PETITIONS, and come to the Dec 1 SUPPORT RALLY!
Come Out on December 1 for a rally for Chuck at 2:15 in front of City Hall and at 3 PM to pack Boston City Council Chambers to support Chuck when the City Council is scheduled to vote.

To make a donation to help retire the $180,000 debt owed by his campaign to Chuck and his wife Terri for the maintenance of the District 7 office in Roxbury, go to the contributions page at
On Oct 29 a predominantly white and suburban federal jury falsely found African-American Boston City Councilor guilty of one count of attempted extortion and three counts of lying to the FBI. The community has shown its unwavering support for Chuck, voting for him, packing the trial and turning out hundreds strong at a rally on October 30 at the District 7 office in Roxbury. saying "We Stand with Chuck Turner. Chuck is Innocent! The verdict is the crime!"

In that rally and in a statement on November 1, Chuck appealed to supporters to write to the City Council requesting them not to remove him, and to write to Judge Woodlock telling him not to put Chuck in jail. In it he said:

"Dear Supporters,

All Councilors received an email from Council President Ross saying that he will schedule a Council meeting to take place on December 1, 2010 at 3 p.m. after the Council meeting to vote on the issue of my removal from the Council. Since I believe I should have the right to stay on the City Council until the completion of my term, I would urge you to send letters to the Councilors urging that they vote against any motion to remove me from the Council. If they follow your request and Judge Woodlock agrees to put me on probation, then there would not seem to be anything blocking me from completing my term on the Council.

If you prefer letters, please send to Councilor Name, City Hall, Boston 02201.

I also urge you to send to my City Hall office (Chuck Turner, City Hall, Boston 02201) letters addressed to Judge Woodlock expressing the reasons why you think I should be put on probation rather than spend time in jail. The total time I receive could be 35 years.



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