The Third International after Lenin

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Marx Reloaded Trailer - Coming 2011


  1. this is interesting but i think there's a big gulf between what's been happening in this banking crisis and persuasive marxian readings of the global economy in its current form. i haven't heard the marxists like Zizek add anything new. And I wouldn't say he was dven a Marxist. But I'll suspend judgement a while. I've heard rumours that Terence Malick is behind this?

  2. I hear they used a lot of archive, cartoons, also interviews with everyone from Alain Badiou to the student leader Clare Solomon. An A to Z-for-Zizek job.

  3. Just saw the film last night. Really great. Well done to all the people involved in this. Especially the writer and director Jason Barker. I don't know aynthing about how TV works, but I imagine it must have been a struggle for him to get something like this commissioned