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Socialist Review November 2010 contents

November 2010

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An assault on us all
by Joseph Choonara
Joseph Choonara opens our coverage of the spending review, arguing that George Osborne's plans expose the lie that "we're all in it together".

Clearing the poor away
by Danny Dorling
With the poorest set to suffer most from cuts, Danny Dorling looks at the damage the spending review will do to the lives of millions.

Same old ideology
by Graham Turner
Economist Graham Turner gives his assessment of the austerity plans and their wider significance.

Band of warring brothers
by Jane Hardy
The spending review comes at a time of high international tension, as governments around the world compete to escape economic ruin. Jane Hardy analyses the global "currency wars".

France: confronting state power
by Denis Godard
"On Monday we strike, on Tuesday we strike, on Wednesday we strike, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday too - and it'll only be over when we've won."

Resistance across Europe
by Patrick Ward
Italy - Germany - Portugal - Spain

Greece and France: A Tale of Two Crises
by Nikos Loudos and Marnie Holborow
Across Europe austerity is being imposed - but it is often met with resistance. Nikos Loudos draws lessons from the explosive struggles of Greek workers, while Marnie Holborow exposes the desperation of Ireland's ruling class, whose neoliberal economy has become Europe's weak link.

Letter from...

Feature Articles

Education demolition
by Mark Bergfeld
Lord Browne's recommendation of unlimited tuition fees and the introduction of the free market into universities constitutes a devastating assault on access to education by working class people. Mark Bergfeld considers the effects of the proposals and how they can be stopped.

Edubusiness unchained
by Alistair Smith
Since the passing of the Academies Act in July 2010 a new wave of privatisation has been unleashed on our schools. Conversion of outstanding schools to academies or the creation of new "free" schools is allowing edubusiness to expand rapidly.

Frank Crichlow: Standing tall against racism
by Hassan Mahamdallie
Frank Crichlow, a life-long anti-racist from west London, died recently. In a hitherto unseen interview from 1995, he spoke to Hassan Mahamdallie about his life.

Travellers under attack
by Jake Pace-Lawrie
Travelling communities have suffered bigotry and attacks for centuries - frequently characterised as petty criminals, they are seen as a soft target whose culture and way of life are illegitimate. Jake Pace-Lawrie reports from Dale Farm, Essex, where Travellers are struggling against eviction.

Roma face "ethnic cleansing" from French government
by Diane Jeantet
The policy towards Roma communities led by French president Nicolas Sarkozy and his minister of immigration, integration and national identity, Eric Besson, has provoked international outrage.


Joe Bageant: Champion of the forgotten underclass
by Patrick Ward
In his previous book, Deer Hunting with Jesus, Joe Bageant took on the media's portrayal of the "redneck" community he grew up in. He talks to Patrick Ward about his new memoir, Rainbow Pie.


In my view

Labour's "Red" Ed?
by Pat Stack
At times the Labour Party leadership contest seemed to go on forever.

In perspective

Subterranean solidarity
by Mike Gonzalez
The entrapment and eventual release of 33 Chilean miners provoked a media frenzy. But beneath the self-serving sympathy of Chile's politicians lies the real story of solidarity.

Culture Column

Doing Porridge
by Martin Smith
Porridge was a wonderful 1970s sitcom about life in prison.


Alexei Sayle - Dagenham - Disability - Get clever - Irate

A to Z of Socialism



The Obama Syndrome/Obama's Wars
by Shaun Doherty
The Obama Syndrome (Tariq Ali) is published by Verso, £9.99. Obama's Wars (Bob Woodward) is published by Simon and Schuster, £20.

by Clare Fermont
Jonathan Franzen, Fourth Estate, £20

Iran's Influence
by Alys Zaerin
Elaheh Rostami-Povey, Zed Books, £18.99

by Dave Crouch
Lawrence Archer and Fiona Bawdon, Pluto, £13

The Verdict
by Keith Flett
Polly Toynbee and David Walker, Granta, £18.99

The Language of Silence
by Ken Montague
Merilyn Moos, Cressida, £9.99

The Lean Years 1920-1933; The Turbulent Years 1933-1940
by John Newsinger
Irving Bernstein, Haymarket, £17.99/£20

The Case for Withdrawal from Afghanistan
by Estelle Cooch
Nick Turse (ed), Verso, £9.99

The Rise of the Green Left
by Mark Bergfeld
Derek Wall, Pluto, £12.99

Surface Detail
by Patrick Ward
Iain M Banks, Orbit, £18.99

The Political Economy of Israel's Occupation
by Miriam Scharf
Shir Hever, Pluto, £17.99

Whose Crisis, Whose Future?
by Camilla Royle
Susan George, Polity Press, £14.99

New in paperback and children's books
Meltdown - Close to the Sun - Dissent - Iron Man


Let Me In
by Sally Campbell
Director: Matt Reeves; Release date: 5 November

by Ben Windsor
Director: Olivier Assayas; Release date: out now

by Josh Hollands
Director: Rikki Beadle-Blair; Release date: out now

Video, TV, DVD

Shadows of Progress: Documentary Film in Post-War Britain 1951-77
by Bob Light
This sumptuous four-DVD box set produced by the British Film Institute (BFI) contains 34 rare documentary films from the post-war period.


Gauguin: Maker of Myth
by Colin Wilson
Tate Modern, until January 2011

Against Mussolini: Art and the Fall of a Dictator
by John Clossick
Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art

Five Things...

Five things
London Jazz - Metropolis - Larsson - Pinter - Shun-Kin

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