Saturday, June 11, 2016

“The physical assaults on Trump supporters are an attack on the working class”

Oppose assault on Trump supporters

Socialist Workers Party campaigners talked about a variety of political questions in the news as well as how the working class needs to organize independently of the bosses and fight to defend the interests of all the oppressed.

“The physical assaults on Trump supporters are an attack on the working class,” Kennedy told many workers she met in Spokane, referring to the June 2 attack on people leaving a rally in San Jose, California. “Workers were sucker-punched coming out of the meeting, and had eggs and other objects thrown at them,” she said. “The liberal press and left-wing groups that claim Trump is a fascist actually see those who back him as the real danger and view them as stupid, reactionary ‘trash.’

“These growing attacks on our class show we need to organize to fight for workers power,” Kennedy said. “And they are making some look to the Socialist Workers Party.”

One man who answered his door said he was backing Donald Trump because he has something different to offer. Kennedy responded that workers need to organize and prepare to fight for political power themselves. His wife came over. “I don’t like any of the other candidates,” she said. “I like what you say and the fact that you’re a worker.”

Three others in the house joined in, all saying they were attracted to Bernie Sanders. All five signed the petition, and they got a subscription....

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