Thursday, June 23, 2016

Note on Weinstock's "Zionism: False Messiah"

So glad I read this 1979 translation of Weinstock's 1969 book. Just finished it. 

Visitors to this blog will find several posts made in the last week of my reading notes.

The book is an excellent overview of Palestine from 1888 to 1948.

At every turn during that period, for a variety of objective and subjective reasons, there was no revolutionary worker-peasant leadership developing broadly to meet the three forces imposing their contradictory capitalist solutions on the region: Arab feudalism; British imperialism; and Zionism.

Each of these forces interacted with the others to intensify capitalist development, wage labor, national and communalist chauvinism, and attacks on any motion toward unity of action between Jewish and Arab workers.

Txt of the book here:

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