Saturday, March 19, 2016

Workers World Party lets President Obama off the hook again

The struggle waged by Workers World Party to not implicate Barack Obama in it's criticism of US government policy continues.
The article "Hillary Clinton has Hondurans’ blood on her hands" in this week's Workers World newspaper
leaves out one salient fact: HRC has not been president for the last 7 years; BHO has been president, and he is not a Clinton glove puppet.
This is not the only recent article to let President Obama and his administration off the hook.
This March 16 article, "What the Miami Democratic debate revealed,"
left out 7 years of ICE raids and brutal deportations.
Things should soon be looking up for petty-bourgeois left groups like Workers World: in a year they can sink their teeth into the flanks of a new Republican administration. 
Like the washed-up gangsters in the film "Key Largo" who yearned for reimposition of Prohibition, their isolation will be over.

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