Sunday, March 13, 2016

Trump and the "Leftists who are tied hand and foot to the liberals they bait"

Insightful Facebook comments by a comrade on the events around the Trump campaign. (Includes a couple of references to the initial exchange she posted this in.)

The art of politics is in knowing what to do next, and in this instance, starts with how you characterize Trump. Is he the fascist you love to hate? If the answer you come up with is "No, he's an opportunist who hopes to make a political career by gauging the current mood of disgust with politicians and the economic crisis they can't solve," you are not surprised when he avails himself of any port in a storm to capture votes.

You'll also realize that just because he's a demagogue doesn't make him any better or worse than Rahm Emmanuel, who covered up the police murders in Chicago, and whose party is the same one Trump used to belong to. Trump's got a big head and a trash mouth. Is he worse than Scalia, who said Black youth should set their sites on colleges with lower standards? No? Well, Scalia was a Republican, the party Trump now belongs to. Is he worse than Bill Maher, the contemptible guy you listen to each week, who made his name on the back of the term, "Politically incorrect," and whose favorite pass-time is ridiculing Islam and bragging about his assignations with Black women? No? Well he's a Libertarian. Should we shut down his TV show?

Should any or all of these misanthropes, based on their obnoxious rhetoric, be prevented from speaking in public? if so, to what end? Is preventing them from speaking going to stop a tide of reaction yet to come? No, winning workers at those rallies to understanding the political and social crisis is the first step in mobilizing to prevent such a tide from sweeping away their rights.

Should Trump and his thugs be condemned for advocating roughing up and roughing up those who disrupt his meetings, asking whether they're Mexicans, and pushing Black women around? Yes, of course they should. But then the question still hangs in the air: What do the disrupters expect will happen--that Trump, Sanders, Clinton, or anyone for that matter, will allow their First Amendment rights to be trounced? No, of course they won't.

Should Emmanuel be picketed and driven from office and thrown into jail? Yes, but as a Democrat, he's a protected species among so-called Leftists who are tied hand and foot to the liberals they bait. It would be good if everyone who has contributed to this discussion could go back to into their (reading) corners, take off their gloves, and leaf through Lenin's pamphlet, "Ultraleftism, an Infantile Disorder." He talks about revolutionary-minded cadre not substituting themselves for action initiatives that properly belong to the masses, but instead winning them, so as not to court a defeat before the day for victory has arrived. Just ask anyone who was on the beach in Grenada who survived Bernard Coard's depriving Maurice Bishop and Jacqueline Creft of their political rights, and lives, preparing the way for U.S. troops to sweep in and carry out the final mop-up of that revolution.

Obama invited the top cop in Boston to the White House for a beer after that cop's underlings attacked and handcuffed Louis Gates, a Black Harvard professor, for standing on his own porch, looking "suspicious" (read: Black) in front of his own house. That White House keg fest was an event worth protesting, but nobody did, including those in this discussion.

There's a broadside campaign on the part of the bourgeois press to get rid of Trump. Why? Because the Democratic and Republican parties are in a crisis which may well spell their doom. The Sanders and Trump campaigns are the electoral expression of masses of workers' disaffection with the parties of bourgeois rule, a kind of canary in the coal mine, except in this case, warning the rich. Should the cadre of Black Lives Matter become a tool in the Dump Trump frenzy to rescue what's left of the two parties of the exploiters? No, that is not why Black Lives Matter exists. Dump Trump is a trap to demobilize these forces, to distract them from the good work they have accomplished. It's one we should know better than to get caught up in, lest we sell our birthright of democratic rights for a mess of pottage left under the table when the Democrats and Republicans are done eating each other alive.

Instead, let's build the Black Lives Matter movement, Immigrant Rights fights, and a Labor Party based on the fight for $15 and a Union.

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