Thursday, November 19, 2015

Petty bourgeois left game of comparative atrocities after Paris

Since the ISIS attacks in Paris, the  bourgeois media has been trying to whip up emotional hysteria. All the capitalist politicians of the imperialist countries have joined in. Moscow, Tehran and Damascus are also trying to reap the benefits.

The petty-bourgeois left is affronted by the attempt and what they see as the attempt's success. Because they look to the bourgeoisie for political guidance, they assume the masses are also responding to it, and hence bay for war.

Which leads the petty-bourgeois left on social media and in other media, into the game of comparative atrocity.

The attack was carried out in Paris? Well, Paris, and French imperialism, are the worst perpetrators of atrocities. Hence, Paris and the New York Times have no room to demand condemnation of these attacks.



After 911, and after the Paris attacks. I noticed no echo among my coworkers of the bourgeois media attempt to create an atmosphere of hysteria and Islamophobia. The fact that outlets like the ISO immediately start talking about the dangers of Islamophobia lead me to think their milieu has more to worry about than the working class in general about succumbing to bourgeois pressures.

The same middle class left forces who oppose, so they say, the program of Isis, at the same time support bourgeois regimes of Moscow, Damascus, and Tehran, as well as anti-worker capitalist outfits like Hamas and Hezbollah.

All of which leads me to this quote:


I noticed from your notes on the discussion period in D.C. that you said something to the effect that "we should also remember that the Arab regimes in the recent period have carried out massive massacres of Arab toilers which dwarf Israeli atrocities."

Be careful. That bourgeois Arab regimes "have carried out massive massacres of Arab toilers"—and Kurdish, Turk, and other toilers—there can be no doubt. But communists are not in the business of weighing relative degrees of atrocities by conflicting regimes of our class enemies. That's never a reliable political guide for the proletarian movement, including which side, if any, to support in a war....

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