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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris attacks: A Marxist view

A comrade posted this on Facebook this morning:

The attacks in Paris - like the previous ones in Beirut and Ankara - will not give the Palestinian people a homeland;

The attacks in Paris - like the beheadings of Hazara civilians in Afghanistan - will not stop the Assad regime from raining down death upon the civilian population in Syria;

The attacks in Paris - like the kidnapping of young women in Nigeria, or the enslavement of Ezidi girls in Shingal - will not liberate the political prisoners in the jails of the al-Sisi regime in Egypt, nor stop the Four Horsemen of imperialism from sending drones to Yemen or Afghanistan.

The attacks in Paris will not stop, nor help the oppressed of the world overcome collectively and with growing self-confidence, the massive violence inflicted upon them by the inevitable workings of the final stage of world capitalism.

The murder of workers and youth, from the streets of Paris to Beirut, will not bring forward light out of the night, nor bring forward the free men and women who will bring down the walls in the West Bank nor along the Rio Grande, that separate working people from each other.

There is a road forward!

Fighters against oppression, anywhere, must find a political path to live a life of struggle for liberation!

There is a social force that holds the key to a livable future: the Workers of the World! And they need political light and and air - they need space to organize independently of their exploiters, to change themselves as they change the world.
My thoughts go to the working people and youth of Paris and Beirut - we have a common political road to travel, together.

And to the youth: we don't have to endure horror with no end. There is a free choice to make, today.

Join the working-class march, and organize to end all oppression, in the only fight worth living for: the struggle for world socialism.

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