Monday, September 7, 2015

Worth Emulating

.... And this came to my mind as well:

"...DesVerney was 'the opposite of the caricature of the absent-minded intellectual,' Barnes said. 'He deeply understood that revolutionary ideas don't grow out of other ideas - that no ideas that advance science and human culture come about that way. He knew that ideas, the tools for organizing human life, come out of social labor and class-struggle experience, and nowhere else. Even discoveries about the most seemingly nonpolitical matters imaginable - mathematics, laws of the physical world that are independent of human will - are only grasped by human beings indirectly, under the impact and constraints of the social relations during the times in which they live, work, and produce.

"'Bob was a revolutionary activist not just because he was determined to fight for what he believed in, and couldn't imagine acting any other way,' Barnes said, 'but also because he knew that doing so was a precondition for the advance of culture, the advance of human knowledge. He knew that organized social struggle and political action were a precondition to advance the self-confidence of the great majority of humanity, the working class and its toiling allies. It was their road to the moral high ground.

"'Bob lived the fact that Marxism is not a set of principles, not even a set of very lofty and scientific principles. No, Marxism is the political generalization of the line of march of a class, of its relations and conflicts with all other classes, and of its destiny to sweep every aspect of the legacy of capitalist exploitation and all remaining forms of social oppression and property rights off the face of this earth.'"

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