Thursday, September 10, 2015


"Thousands who left for Cizre from Şırnak and Silopi yesterday morning have reached the town where at least eight people have been killed since last night.

"Thousands of people had left for Cizre from Şırnak and Silopi district yesterday morning to stop the massacre of civilians by Turkish state forces and support the resistance waged by the people against increasingly ongoing attacks. The large number of people have entered the town despite all the attacks, hindrances and barricades by security forcecs they faced on their way since yesterday.

"The masses have been joined by a number of local people in Konak neighborhood of Cizre, all together chanting the slogans 'Long Live Cizre resistance' and 'Long Live leader Apo'.

"On the other hand, those leaving from İdil are continuing their march to Cizre."

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