Sunday, October 26, 2014

YPJ Kurdish Female Fighters: A Day in Syria - YouTube


" Kurdish Female Fighters: A Day In Syria"

" I believe that capitalism enslaves women. In capitalism men dominates while women are underdogs.The main problem is that women accept this oppressive system. Capitalism first impacted Europen women As a YPJ (women's protection unit ) woman of Rojava ( Syrian Kurdistan) , I urge European women  to reject  this oppressive system. They should reject enslavement , oppression, and capitalism. I urge them to join the ranks of the people; demand self-defense; to find out who [we] women are, and [ decide] our  real demands. I want to ask why many European women are still oppressed ? I think this is because capitalism has very much impacted European women. I wish to see them reject capitalism. I want to see them demand more freedom and self-rule,[and] seriously reject oppression."

Desine, combatant, Martyr Warsin Brigade, YPJ, Committees for the Protection of the Kurdish People (YPG) Tirbespi, North East Syria Aug. 2014
Director Rozh Ahmed

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