Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kurdish Solidarity

The Central Line East branch of the RMT union has passed this motion in support of the Kurds. Could your union branch pass it too, or a version of it?

Support the Kurds!

1. We strongly oppose "Islamic State" and its attack on the mainly-Kurdish city of Kobani, Syria.

2. We support the Kurds of Kobani - including the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) and Women's Brigades - in their valiant fight; we support their right to resist attack and to ask for help in doing so.

3. We are appalled that the Turkish regime - which has a long history of oppressing the Kurdish people - is not helping the Kurds to defend themselves, and is even obstructing their fight to defend themselves by blocking supplies of arms.

4. We resolve to support and publicise demonstrations in support of the Kurds.

5. We have no confidence in the US-led coalition; its intervention is motivated by its own interests, not those of the Kurds or other oppressed peoples; we have seen, for example in Afghanistan, that this self-interested military intervention makes matters worse.

6. We demand an end to the obstruction of the supply of arms to the Kurds; the unconditional acceptance of refugees; and the unbanning of Kurdish organisations such as the PKK.

7. We are disappointed by the Stop The War coalition's lack of support for the Kurds and failure to actively oppose the war against them. We ask the union to make representations to the Stop The War coalition on this matter, and to reconsider the union's support for this group dependent on its response.

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