Tuesday, March 4, 2014

US left group embraces "neocon conspracy" to explain Ukraine events

Last night I wrote about UK anti war group Stop the War's promotion of a "neocon conspiracy" to explain recent events in Ukraine.

Today a US organization called PSL has used the same "ideas" to explain what they call a Washington-engineered coup by Neo-Nazis in Kiev.


The people of the United States are being deliberately misled and misinformed about the leading role played by the U.S. State Department, intelligence agencies and neoconservative leaders in bringing neo-Nazis to power in Ukraine.

The same neoconservative politicians and strategists that drove the country to war against Iraq in 2003, against Libya in 2011 and nearly against Syria in 2013 have been neck-deep in a protracted regime change effort in Ukraine as part of a larger geo-strategic struggle against Russia. The fact that they have worked hand in glove with armed neo-Nazis in Ukraine—with Sen. John McCain and Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland literally joining the protests—speaks volumes about the political nature of the events....



Rather than requote what I wrote last night, I would refer readers here:


4 March.

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