Sunday, March 23, 2014

The capitalist "culture war"

Returning to my project of rereading The Militant newspaper, I found these formulations valuable. 

.... The ruling class of the United States and the parties and newspapers that are chattel to them have a big problem: the bosses can't make profits any more at a satisfactory rate. They have "downsized" and shut down factories to the limit. Now they are undercutting basic democratic rights and slashing social services that workers won in struggle; rights that in the eyes of many come with being human. This will not pass without resistance. But since one of our biggest weapons as working people is unity of our class, the employers aim to keep us divided. Workers are forced to compete against each other for survival and blame each other in a system where better economic conditions for our class and a stable future are impossible.

The culture war, in a nutshell, is the ideological preparation by the bosses' class to make us think that certain layers of the working class are responsible for bringing the nation down due to lack of moral values. It is a bourgeois tool to soften labor resistance to capitalist austerity....


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