Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sidney Lumet

Any comrades out there Sidney Lumet fans? "Murder on the Orient Express" "The Wiz" "Fail Safe" ???
NEW YORK — Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese led the tributes as the film world mourned Sunday the loss of director Sidney Lumet, a master film-maker identified strongly with his beloved New York.

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  1. He was a first rate director (Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, The Verdict) who kept on producing interesting films up to the end. I mean to make a film as daring and bold as Before the Devil Knows Your're Dead at the age of 83 is indeed something. One great thing about Lumet was, like Jules Dasin, he never wavered from his core leftist humanist concerns. He did not waffle in the passing wind. RIP, Sidney Lumet.