Thursday, April 7, 2011

For those so inclined...

Support the work of the IMT in the Arab speaking world!

The IMT has covered the Arab revolution since its first days. It has provided not only information but more importantly analysis and a revolutionary socialist perspective on a day to day basis. This is appreciated internationally. The visits from North of Africa to the IMT website In Defence of Marxism for instance have increased by 125 % and we receive positive reactions from almost all the countries in the Middle East. More importantly the IMT is actively intervening in the stormy events. Links have been established with individual revolutionaries and groups in different countries of the region.

Our comrades in Morocco, of the Communist League of Action organised around the website and the paper The Communist , have done sterling work and have been in the forefront of many of the actions against the dictatorship. The website has in reality become the Arab voice of the IMT. Some of our comrades have been subjected to harassment, detention and sometimes also brutal torture at the hands of the police. [See: Morocco: solidarity with the victims of repression! ]

In order to strengthen the intervention of our comrades in Morocco we need the necessary finances. Although the comrades regularly raise money from the movement itself, the building of our forces needs extra financing. Transport and printing costs are the most important expenses.

That is why we are making an appeal to all our readers and supporters to raise money to finance the necessary printing equipment. The overall target is to raise €5000, a small amount compared to the huge sums the rich are investing to keep alive their rotten system in the Arab countries. The imperialists around the world rush in to help their friends the Arab dictators to save them from the anger of their own people. In the same manner socialists, communists worldwide need to give support to the revolutionary forces in the region.

So donate generously now!

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