Monday, April 4, 2011

"apocalyptic fantasies of our collapsing era"

evan’s zer0 book: now out!


Combined and Uneven Apocalypse: Luciferian Marxism


From the repurposed rubble of salvagepunk to undead hordes banging on
shopping mall doors, from empty waste zones to teeming plagued cities,
Combined and Uneven Apocalypse grapples with the apocalyptic fantasies
of our collapsing era. Moving through the films, political tendencies,
and recurrent crises of late capitalism, Evan Calder Williams paints a
black toned portrait of the dream and nightmare images of a global
order gone very, very wrong. Situating itself in the defaulting
financial markets of the present, Combined and Uneven Apocalypse
glances back toward a messy history of zombies, car wrecks, tidal
waves, extinction, trash heaps, labour, pandemics, wolves,
cannibalism, and general nastiness that populate the underside of our
cultural imagination. Every age may dream the end of the world to
follow, but these scattered nightmare figures are a skewed refraction
of the normal hell of capitalism. The apocalypse isn’t something that
will happen one day: it’s just the slow unveiling of the catastrophe
we’ve been living through for centuries. Against any fantasies of
progress, return, or reconciliation, Williams launches a loathing
critique of the bleak present and offers a graveside smile for our
necessary battles to come.

Evan Calder Williams is a writer and theorist. He writes the blog
Socialism and/or barbarism. He currently resides in Santa Cruz,
California, where he is a doctoral candidate in literature.

Book Details:
£14.99 || $24.95
Publishing on:
29 Apr 2011

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