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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Literary criticism" - lever to put our shoulders against

50 Places to Find Literary Criticism Online

There are, obviously, thousands of book review and literary criticism websites and blogs to choose from on the internet, so the following list merely represents a small fraction of the real diversity of opinions and thoughts available. Students of the literary arts in need of some excellent supplements to their education or simply hoping to sample the extensive range of available ideas can hop online and connect with experts, fellow collegiates, and hobbyists to participate in discussions about poetry, prose, and the venues writers use to convey them. Without exposure to the myriad philosophies associated with the multifaceted field of literary criticism – which includes, but is not limited to, politics, art, culture, psychology, history, sociology, economics, and many other topics – an English student or bibliophile will never fully understand a work of literature. Every story, no matter the medium, carries with it as many interpretations as there are people willing to dissect it. Anyone ignoring the other voices is doing a great disservice to him- or herself.

1. Publishers Weekly : As one of the most prominent sources of literary criticism available online, Publishers Weekly offers up an extremely wide selection of book reviews for many genres.
2. School Library Journal : Librarians, parents, or friends looking for books appropriate for school-aged children will appreciate the reviews offered by School Library Journal.
3. The New York Review of Books : This extensive site covers not only new releases and children’s books, but the classics as well. They also offer a podcast for literature fanatics on the go.
4. ipl2 Literary Criticism Collection : A blend of the Internet Public Library and Librarians’ Internet Index, the ipl2 Literary Criticism Collection serves as a database to finding discussions of numerous titles and authors.
5. LitLinks : One of the essential elements of literary criticism is an understanding of the author’s life, philosophies, and time period – and LitLinks provides an excellent means of seeking out the necessary context.
6. PAL: Perspectives in American Literature : Fans of various periods in American Literature (including novels and drama can spend hours browsing this extensive resource on the subject.
7. Voices from the Gaps : Minority women writers unfortunately remain some of the most overlooked in the world, and this site by University of Minnesota pays tribute to their efforts by providing numerous discussions, essays, and reviews.
8. The Valve : Literary criticism fans with a taste for the edgy and irreverent will really enjoy the postings on The Valve’s blog.
9. the Book : The New Republic offers up an excellent multimedia site packed with videos and podcasts in addition to essays and book reviews on a wide number of genres.
10. The Book Bench : Operated by The New Yorker, The Book Bench not only reviews literature, but looks at their overall cultural impact and current movements.
11. Guardian Books Blog : With an accessible sense of humor, the bloggers with The Guardian discuss literature and the cultural significance and surroundings in which they excel or fail.
12. the Literary Saloon : Intelligent, insightful, and amazingly thorough, the Literary Saloon posts about the latest news, views, and histories of books from all over the world.
13. Awful Library Books : This cheeky blog looks at some of the more questionable books available on library shelves and discusses why they may not offer as much as the institution thinks.
14. Slushpile : Stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments in the literary community, including book reviews and interviews with authors regarding their ideas and works.
15. Bookslut : Literary criticism, history, and culture alike factor into Bookslut’s incredible blog that expands beyond only reviewing books.
16. ReadySteadyBlog : Read book reviews, author biographies, articles, histories, and much more regarding the rich diversity in the literary world.
17. Paper Cuts : Run by The New York Times, this blog delves not only into reviews, but the people, places, and events that come to shape literature and the way readers perceive it.
18. PowellsBooks.Blog : Amazon’s book-purveying rival Powell’s Books brings together “authors, readers, critics, media – and booksellers” to discuss all the ins and outs of what constitutes good writing, how to analyze literature, and issues involving publishing.
19. Anecdotal Evidence : Explore the stories behind different poems and feel challenged to interpret how life dictates words – and vice versa.
20. Bookninja : Bookninja reviews magazines, comics, and books in addition to analyzing the current climate for writers and readers alike and how they affect literature as it exists today.
21. Maud Newton : This eclectic blog looks at literature, culture, art, and politics alike – frequently delving into the intersections between them.
22. Quillblog : Read reviews on a broad selection of books, stay updated on the latest trends, news, and developments, and dive into the history of literature with this incredibly informative blog.
23. Self-Publishing Review : As one can imagine, Self-Publishing Review concerns itself with analyzing the most independent corner of literature and discussing all the news and issues associated with it.
24. Vulpes Libris : Vulpes Libris is operated by a collective of individuals who absolutely adore books, and they write about their favorites and not-so-favorites with great intelligence and passion.
25. Three Percent : University of Rochester’s blog Three Percent combines reviews, news, and a bevy of fantastic insight into the world of international literature.
26. The Reading Experience : Curl up with a favorite hot beverage and spend an evening indulging in the sophisticated, well-researched criticisms of contemporary literature courtesy of The Reading Experience.
27. Asylum : John Self’s amazing literary criticism blog really dissects the books that come across his desk, offering up some great insight not only to the works themselves, but writing as a whole.
28. Graphic Novel Reporter : In spite of the stereotypes, a well-written graphic novel can stand alongside more traditional books – and this site helps readers find the best of the lot and learn everything that makes that particular storytelling medium work and not work.
29. Text Patterns : Learn about the evolution of writing, reading, and conducting research and analysis from Wheaton College’s Alan Jacobs.
30. Novel Readings : Obviously, novel readings focuses mainly on the titular medium, browsing through books and offering up some intriguing bits of insight regarding them and literature as a whole.
31. Salonica World Lit : Literary critics in search of books from around the world – not just limited to America and Britain – will appreciate the diverse selection of books and opinions offered by Salonica World Lit.
32. One Poet’s Notes : Poet Edward Byrne dissects his chosen medium with a keen eye, simultaneously posting about news and trends in that particular facet of literature as well.
33. The Little Professor : Dissect Victorian literature and history alongside Dr. Miriam Elizabeth Burstein, who pulls from her considerable expertise to deliver some great reading and ideas.
34. The Story’s Story : Skillfully analyzing literature essentially boils down to discovering the stories behind the stories, and this blog does a deft job of deconstructing the whats and whys of reading and writing.
35. A Compulsive Reader : Theory and critique of poetry and prose comprise this easy-to-navigate archive of ideas and insights.
36. The Denver Bibliophile : Browse some fantastic and detailed book reviews and receive a valuable lesson in how to better connect with novels, poetry, short stories, comics, and other works of literature.
37. EXPLORINGfictions : EXPLORINGfictions provides one possible route for writers to submit their works in addition to some comprehensive, educational pieces of critique.
38. Novels, Stories, and More : The book reviews here provide more than mere summaries, and the bits of news that accompany them provide quite a bit of background information on the art of writing and reading.
39. Bob Einstein’s Literary Equations : Like the maths and sciences, the best, most thorough examples of literary criticism require painstaking exploration and a detailed report of the findings – all of which blogger Matt Rowan delivers.
40. Hungry Like the Woolf : Anyone on the hunt and after some eloquent, intelligent literary criticism will enjoy the eclectic mix of books and stories covered here.
41. OnFiction : Psychoanalytic literary criticism is an extremely popular form of analyzing stories, and this blog explores all of its facets and nuances in impressive detail.
42. : August C. Bourré loves blogging all about his ideas regarding literature, as well as related events going on in Canada.
43. Juxtabook : Juxtabook goes well beyond only providing literary criticism to its readership – news, information, and opinions on the publishing, commercial, cultural, and historical elements of English literature crop up frequently as well.
44. Nigel Beale Nota Bene Books : Along with the usual discussions regarding literary criticism and all the subjects that feed into it, Nigel Beale also offers up some excellent audio treats as well.
45. : Without philosophy, there is very little to literary criticism. posts up some heavy content for anyone hoping to apply their ideas to the written word as well as their own interpretations.
46. The Existence Machine : Richard Crary blogs some extremely intense, thoughtful, and eloquent essays regarding his opinions on both writing and writers.
47. Blographia Literaria : Almost any genre of literature imaginable receives at least one incredibly detailed, thoughtful post with some excellent and comprehensive analysis over whether or not it succeeds.
48. Tales from the Reading Room : With archives spanning all the way back to 2006, anyone with a few hours to spare will love the generous attention Tales from the Reading Room lavishes upon literary criticism.
49. Read Red : Learn about how Marxist literary critics apply his communist theory and other issues of class struggle to novels, short stories, poems, and other written works.
50. A Piece of Monologue : Good and bad alike, literature does not exist in a vacuum, and A Piece of Monologue analyzes the cultures that influence and – in turn – find themselves influenced by the writerly arts.

Any literary critic hoping for some degree of recognition, success, or fluency in the subject must always maintain an air of openness to the input and ideas of others. Everyone has an opinion on what makes a work of written art excel or fail, and there are multiple ways to look at almost every bit of prose or poetry. Indulge in ideas and gain a wonderful, broadened perspective on mankind’s relationship with its literature by reading and engaging in both texts and discussions.

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