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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anti-choice humanitarians at it again

More Lies: Rightwingers Paint Abortion as Racist Genocide

This was originally posted on H/T to Rowland Keshena.

“From the days of slavery to the present, those in power have sought to control Black women’s reproduction, at times curtailing their right to avoid or end pregnancies, at other times punishing and restricting Black reproduction. Alongside the twists and turns of official policy, institutionalized racism has devalued Black motherhood and neglected Black women, children and families.”

The anti-abortionists’ cynical ploy

Rachel Cohen documents the hypocrisy of anti-choice forces that are waging a campaign to claim that abortion is “racist.”

JUST WHEN you thought they could sink no lower, the anti-abortion right has twisted history in producing an ugly new attack on women’s reproductive freedom. Anti-choice conservatives have launched a series of new efforts that claim legal, safe abortion poses the threat of genocide to African Americans.

Georgia Right to Life, in collaboration with other anti-choice groups, recently erected dozens of billboards in Atlanta emblazoned with the slogan “Black children are an endangered species.”

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