Saturday, August 18, 2018

Primaries expose ongoing crisis wracking both capitalist parties – The Militant

Primaries expose ongoing crisis wracking both capitalist parties – The Militant


....The most fervent wish of Democratic liberals is to drive Trump from office, if not into prison. They launched a witch hunt against him and hope to seize control of the House to block his administration from advancing its program, while seeking to impeach him.
The trade union misleaders offer working people no road forward politically, attempting yet again to corral us into backing the Democrats. “We’re setting our sights on November,” Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO union federation, said Aug. 9, urging trade unionists not to stray from the dead-end strategy of focusing their attention and energy on putting more Democrats into office.
The August primary results don’t offer them much hope either.

Crisis of capitalism

Many of the institutions and multilateral alliances that were put in place after the U.S. rulers emerged triumphant out of the second imperialist world slaughter are coming apart today, from NATO to the European Union. Trump is pushing for a series of new one-on-one deals from Korea to Moscow to the Middle East. He has wielded Washington’s military and economic dominance to sanction and bully the rulers there, then offered to sit down and talk, with “no preconditions.”
The White House aims for greater stability and less warfare to gain room for U.S. imperialism. But the administration’s course is unintentionally creating better conditions for working people to organize and press forward our struggles. Tamping down wars and war threats from Afghanistan to Korea to the Middle East is good for the working class.
Such questions are of great interest to workers as we discuss and debate how our class can fight effectively and organize together as part of an international class....

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