Monday, July 30, 2018

‘Is Socialist Revolution in US Possible?’ 

"Is the integration of millions of toilers from Latin America and around the world into the US working class a potential strength or fatal source of weakness and division? Are US workers so corrupted by the wealth of US capitalist society that they are incapable of revolutionary struggle? Were the American War of Independence from the British crown and the US Civil War the First and Second American Revolutions, or has there never been a revolutionary struggle of any kind in US history? Has 'white skin privilege' destroyed every progressive social struggle in US history? Do Jews control the banks and capitalist media conglomerates of the world? Was 9/11 an Israeli conspiracy? Does Cuba remain the only 'free territory of the Americas,' or is Venezuela showing the toilers of the world a new road to socialism?"

--Is Socialist Revolution in the US Possible? A Necessary Debate Among Working People by Mary-Alice Waters

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