Sunday, December 3, 2017


From the article

"How Israel was founded:

Is Zionism national liberation?"

By August Nimtz

(fourth of a series)

....There was, however, a crucial difference between the Zionists and other movements for the liberation of oppressed nationalities. The Zionists did not direct their movement against their oppressors-the capitalist rulers.

Rather than fighting for a Jewish state or even

autonomous territory in Europe , the middle-class Zionist leaders sought to make a deal with the imperialist powers that controlled the remaining world territories. This orientation is the origin of what is an essential ingredient of Zionism to this day-its dependence on and support for imperialism.

Rather than seeking to build a Jewish state at the expense of the imperialists , the Zionists built their state in alliance with the imperialists and at the expense of the Palestinian Arabs, who were in no way responsible for the oppression of the Jews .

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