Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Workers World Party: Workers who voted for Trump have "crossed the line"

....For the most part, those who attend and cheer at Trump rallies are deplorable. They go along with the racist, anti-Muslim rhetoric, challenge freedom of the press, believe that a wall on the Southern border will bring back jobs and stop the “browning of America,” threaten Black people’s right to vote, don’t agree that Trump offends women or people with disabilities, and excuse Trump’s misogyny — all such stands are indeed deplorable.
While the left must not give up on all these people, most have crossed a line. They reflect a danger, whether Clinton wins or not....
Full article:
An even more appalling expression of contempt is expressed in this editorial from today:
....Trump did NOT get as many popular votes as Clinton.
Whether they realize it or not, when they voted for Trump they identified not with the working class, in which the majority are now women and/or people of color, but with the ruling establishment.
In this Fox-dominated atmosphere, which extends from films to radio and television to comic books, many bought into Trump’s outright fantasy....
Don’t just mourn, organize – Workers World

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