Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sartre, enemy of petty bourgeois Jew-haters

Bouteldja adopts the old French colonialist slogan of "Shoot Sartre,"
but says he now needs to be "shot" not because he supported Algerian independence, but because he was "White" and supported Israel's existence.

(Google Translate):

....1. "Shoot Sartre"  : the title of the prologue is an extreme right slogan of the time of the war of Algeria. Sartre had taken up the cause of the FLN and beyond to "the wretched of the earth." He was hated by the extreme right and the bourgeoisie "white." The problem, in the eyes of the author, it is, however, took up the cause of the creation of the State of Israel: "For beyond his empathy for the colonized and their legitimate violence, for him, nothing will dethrone the legitimacy of Israel's existence "(p. 16). She warned us that she drew "in the history and present of North African immigration, Arab, Berber and Muslim," and apparently the question of "legitimacy of Israel's existence" is a prominent place since, although ideologically fought alongside the natives around the world, Sartre remains irreversibly a "white." She says in effect: "Sartre died anti-colonialist and Zionist. He will die white. This will not be the least of his paradoxes. In this, it is an allegory of the French left post war "(p. 19). The "French left," she was "anti-colonialist and Zionist"? Yes, since Sartre embodied the "French left." Given the legacy of a "left" government whose story was that of a succession of betrayals, Sartre embodies the "left" revolutionary postwar. Now it's left a "white", asserts the author, since Sartre died "anti-colonialist and Zionist." Having taken a position continuously for the coexistence of two states, one Israeli, the other Palestinian, Sartre was a "White". Period.

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