Friday, February 26, 2016

World World Party's lesser-evil chauvinism

2 years ago, reading this Workers World Party pro-Putin offal:
I posted this on Facebook in response:
WWP lays it on the line: 300 years of Russian oppression of the Ukraine is a lesser evil than an imperialist trade deal with Washington that might thwart Putin.
WWP, again ignoring the historical context of national oppression by Russia against Ukraine.
Russian oppression of Ukraine has been a consistent and devastating fact of life for Ukrainian workers and farmers for centuries. Except for the period 1917 to 1924, it was continued in the Soviet period through today, not jus under the tsar.
In the period after 1924, such oppression was rationalized murderously as the dictatorship of the proletariat. Is it any wonder in such a historical context that Ukraine's workers and farmer have been repeatedly driven into the arms of the class enemy?
When today's Ukraine CP voted for Yanukovich's crackdown and laws restricting free speech and assembly, IN PARLIAMENT, the cause of communism and motion toward class consciousness was again dealt a blow.
This is the objective historical context for pulling down some Lenin statues and vandalizing Soviet-era public art.
Telling workers of the world that fascism has triumphed in Kiev is premature, dishonest, and demoralizing. It dehistoricizes the fruits of past struggles against, and analysis of, fascism. It is subjective emitionalisms run wild.
Telling workers of the world that political explosions and unexpected events are a conspiracy to thwart Russia's regional moves toward political suzerainty, and not part of the normal and understandable workings of the capitalist crisis, cuts against a materialist understanding of history and BREEDS DEMORALIZATION, wrecking any motion toward class consciousness and class CONFIDENCE.

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