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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WWP on Hebdo killings

A day after featured an article by WWP leader Sara Flounders suggesting the Charlie Hebdo staff murders were a French police conspiracy, a second WWP leader has contradicted this.

Fred Goldstein writes:

....while some think that the attack was a set-up engineered by Paris, the movement has to deal with this as a political matter and not rely on conspiracy theories, unless significant new information comes to light....


The salient portions of the original Flounders statement:

.... Regardless of whether a police conspiracy is ever exposed, we do know that the French ruling class and the corporate media are always primed to take full advantage of such acts to reinforce the repressive state apparatus and sow division among the working class.

There should not be an iota of confidence in the news stories of this massacre at Charlie Hebdo. We know only what we are being told in the corporate media by French military police and state intelligence agencies. We do know that three men, who are now dead, were tools of imperialism in their wars of conquest in Syria and Libya. More than 1,000 French citizens of Arab and North African descent have been recruited, trained, armed and used as weapons conduits, saboteurs and terrorists in the efforts of U.S. France, Britain, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to overthrow the government of Syria.

This leads to the fundamental question of whose policies are responsible for the massacre and who gains from the massacre?

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, U.S. imperialism, aided by the old colonial powers of Europe, has been engaged in a whole series of wars to reconquer countries that had achieved a high level of development based on sovereignty and control of their resources....

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