Saturday, July 12, 2014

Delightful Murder: A social history of the crime story by Ernest Mandel [1984]

In all the decades we thought Ernest Mandel was exploring imperialist political economy and laying bare the roots of traitorous Stalinism, he was actually spending his time reading mystery novels and thrillers. He also watched Kojack and Starsky and Hutch between paperbacks.

Delightful Murder is filled with fruitful discussions of the social roots and crime and punishment, and the social roots of popular fiction about it. 

My scan of the book is pretty rough-and-ready.  To download the zip file from Google Drive, click the link, then click download, then click download anyway.

I have tried it several times, and it does download from Google Drive to my pc for reading.

Good luck


  1. Jay, shame on you for recommending a book by the arch-revisionist Ernest Mandel. Keep this up and Jack Barnes won't allow you to digitize Pathfinder books anymore.

  2. pages 2 and 3 missing.please add.I am from Kerala, India.thanks for uploading this book